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Thank You for Joining MetaVision at the Global Sources Hong Kong Trade Show 2024

As we reflect on an exhilarating few days at the Global Sources Hong Kong Trade Show 2024, we at Shenzhen Metavision Technology Co., Ltd. want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited our booth. Your enthusiasm and interest in our cutting-edge AR, VR, and MR technologies have truly inspired us.

Our booth in Hall 5, Booth No. 5B33, was a vibrant gathering spot for technology enthusiasts and industry professionals. We are grateful for the chance to meet so many of you and to share our passion for immersive technology.

To share the magic of these moments with everyone, we've compiled a video featuring:

  • Exclusive Footage: Dive into the heart of our booth where our latest innovations, including the M53 6DoF AR Glasses, 6DoF XR headsets, and our pioneering 8K VR devices, took center stage.

  • Reactions and Testimonials: Watch as attendees experience the future of technology through our products.

  • Special Presentation Recap: Catch a glimpse of our presentation at Global Sources' new product launch conference, where we were proud to showcase our advanced 6DoF AR and VR series.

This trade show was just the beginning! We're motivated by your feedback and enthusiasm, and we promise to keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible in AR, VR, and MR technology.

Metavision Technology: Pioneering Customized AR and VR Solutions for Your Advanced XR Needs


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