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Experience the cutting-edge of augmented reality in industrial environments with the R700 AR Headset. Engineered for robustness and precision, this headset is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor and operates on a custom Android 11 system, offering a seamless and efficient AR experience tailored for industrial use. With a 25° field of view, a 40mm exit pupil distance, and a high-resolution Micro-OLED display, the R700 ensures that every detail is clear and vibrant, even in outdoor or harsh lighting conditions.

The headset features a 50-megapixel camera with an 84° field of view, full-pixel PDAF, advanced image stabilization (EIS), and video horizon correction, making it perfect for capturing detailed visuals essential in industrial settings. Its durability is enhanced by IP66 certification, ensuring it is dust and water-resistant, and capable of operating in challenging environments. The 12-hour battery life with hot-swap capability means continuous, uninterrupted use throughout long shifts.

Designed specifically for industrial applications, the R700 supports extensive customization and seamless integration with existing workflows. It enables real-time audio and video display, AR annotations, and secure document sharing, facilitating superior communication, training, and operational efficiency. This headset is an invaluable tool for enhancing productivity and safety in any industrial setting.

高通骁龙八核平台 基于安卓11的定制系统 全语音控制、复合交互 25° 40mm (4).png
高通骁龙八核平台 基于安卓11的定制系统 全语音控制、复合交互 25° 40mm (6).png

Remote Guidance

Expert Remote Guidance for On-site Operations

高通骁龙八核平台 基于安卓11的定制系统 全语音控制、复合交互 25° 40mm (7).png

Visual Assistance

AI-powered, Intelligent Display of Frontline Equipment Information Anytime, Anywher

高通骁龙八核平台 基于安卓11的定制系统 全语音控制、复合交互 25° 40mm (8).png

IoT Industrial Internet of Things Data Visualization

Real-time Provision and Viewing of Data

高通骁龙八核平台 基于安卓11的定制系统 全语音控制、复合交互 25° 40mm (9).png

Digitalized Workflow

Step-by-step Operational Guidance, Retention of Technical Expertise

高通骁龙八核平台 基于安卓11的定制系统 全语音控制、复合交互 25° 40mm (11).png
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