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Vision Pro Teardown Report

We recently completed the English translation of "苹果VISION PRO 拆解报告(预览版)," a detailed Vision Pro Teardown Report originally authored by 黑毛警长008, a respected XR influencer in China. This document offers an in-depth look at the Vision Pro, exploring its intricate hardware structure, core technologies like the electric drive automatic binocular independent pupillary distance adjustment, and innovative features such as Pancake and microOLED technologies. As specialists in AR/VR/MR devices, we recognized the importance of this work and are excited to share these insights with our clients and the broader community, thanks to 黑毛警长008's generous permission.

Vision Pro Photo Created by ZDNET

Page 1 of Vision Pro Teardown Report

Page 2 of Vision Pro Teardown Report
Page 3 of Vision Pro Teardown Report

Sharing the complete details of the report would result in an excessively long blog post. For those keen on exploring more about the Vision Pro Teardown Report, we invite you to contact us directly at We're ready to provide further information and answer any questions you might have regarding the report's comprehensive insights.

You might also be intrigued by our Quantum VR/MR Headset, an elegantly simplified counterpart to the Vision Pro, and potentially the first 6DoF Pancake Optic MR Headset to offer OEM/ODM services with the advanced RGB See-Through (Video See Through) capability. For more details on this cutting-edge device, we invite you to visit our product page.


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