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Particle All-in-One VR Headset

Particle: World’s First and Only 3DoF Pancake Optic All-in-One VR Headset 

Pancake Boe Pancake Optic Technology

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251g Ultra Lightweight

Fov 96° Premium Perspective And Great Immersion

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Dual 1600*1600 Boe 2.1” Fast Lcds

Qualcomm Xr1 The Best Cost-effective

Oem/odm Offer Oem And Odm Services

The Boe Pancake Lenses In Particle All-in-one Vr Headset Help Make It Lightweight And Compact.

It says that Apple’s VR headset will feature pancake lenses. Pancake optics technology is where VR tech is going. It allows a folded design that lets light be reflected back and forth between the screen and lenses, breaking the shackles of traditional optic design. With the technology, MetaVision Tech's Particle VR headset is being more compact, only ¼ the thickness of a traditional VR headset.


The core principle of the ultra-short VR display technology is to modulate the polarization state of the optical path through an optical structure of up to 11 layers, realize the folded optical path system, and carry out an ultra-high-quality image. After years of R&D and practice, MetaVision Technology successfully brings the pancake optic VR headset to the consumers to solve the problem of thick and heavy VR helmets. 

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Multi-lens Combination With Military-grade Accuracy

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Class 100 Workshop

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Multi-layer Evaporation & Multi-layer Film


The World-class  Combination Of Chip And Micro-display Creates The Best Cost-effective Vr Headset.

  • XR1 is the world’s most stable and cost-effective dedicated Extended Reality (XR) chipset for standalone AR and VR devices. The device is 3DOF and supports upgrading to 6DOF.

  • The fast LCD has the highest pixel density in the world among micro-displays. It is a dedicated display for standalone VR products featuring in high performance and stability.

  • Incorporating with the world’s largest display manufacturer BOE ensures a stable and high-quality supply of core parts.

  • The device can be seamlessly upgraded to 1920*1920 or 2280*2280 resolution, and the higher-performance screen is expected to be mass-produced in the second half of 2022.

Various Adjustment Methods Designed For The Most Users

  • Support up to 800-degree myopia adjustment (left and right separate adjustment)

  • The inner layer of the device is widened to support direct wearing with myopia glasses.

  • Self-adaptive Interpupillary Distance 58mm-70mm.

Operation System

Offering OEM for Particle all-in-one VR Headset includes hardware kits and software platform. 

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In-depth Development

Based on the core VR/AR technology, the system provides users with various algorithms, system engines, and application tools, which allow users to develop independently and provide in-depth customization services. MetaVision Technology provides complete documentation, including a source code demo.


Rich Sdk

The OS provides a rich SDK interface, supporting 6DOF, eye tracking, gesture/facial/character/voice recognition, and others.

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Integration Of Many Ar/vr

The system integrates many cutting-edge technologies such as DTR, Optical Distortion and Dispersion, Sensor Integration and STP UI View Customization, Realtime system, Adaptive UI Layout, etc.

Multiple Application Scenarios


VR training for K12 education, popular science, professional skills, etc.


VR Healthcare applications including VR sleeper, VR psychological treatments, VR vision training, etc.


VR medical applications such as: surgical medical training, medical imaging, rehabilitation training, amblyopia treatment, and more.


VR movie experience


VR gaming applications


VR Exhibitions


Particle Unity SDK

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