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About Us

We are among the first developers of BOE's Micro-display. A team of our chief engineers has developed numerous cutting-edge VR/AR headsets worldwide, including the thinnest 16mm VR glasses in the world in 2016.

Our experience in hardware and software development enables us to serve our customers as technical consultants, development partners, and suppliers. Our goal is to provide our customers with state-of-the-art AR/VR products while keeping costs low.

As a strategic partner of BOE's microdisplay, a leading supplier of Near To Eye solutions in China, MetaVision Technology has integrated outstanding upstream and downstream resources. It is one of the few companies globally that can provide complete Pancake VR solutions.

Our Advantages

World Leader in Near To Eye AR/VR Solutions

The world’s leading Near To Eye optical and display technology. 

Over ten years of AR/VR experience

Our core engineers are among the first to research and develop AR/VR in China.

OEM/ODM solution for complete system 

Providing the full package with regards to electronic, optical modules, hardware kits, and operating systems.

Always on the forefront of the technology

Launch the world's first compact design pancake optical all-in-one VR headset 

Incorporating with BOE and other leading-edge technology enterprises 

By integrating excellent upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, MetaVision Technology forms a complete and competitive resources network in the field.

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A Pioneer In Making Pancake Optical Xr Devices

A Pioneer In Making Pancake Optical Xr Devices


We have strategically cooperated with BOE (Microdisplay) for many years and developed many products in the field of XR wearables.

With MetaVision Tech's long-term commitment to researching and developing BOE's micro-display, a leading supplier of Near-To-Eye solutions in China, the company has integrated outstanding upstream and downstream resources in the VR/AR industry. It is one of the few companies globally that can provide complete solutions for pancake optical XR devices.


The first two Pancake optical wearable headsets, M1 (the world's most lightweight personal theater display) and Particle (the world's first and only 3DOF all-in-one headset) have already been released, and the third, Quantum (6DOF), will be released in early 2023.​​

Working With MetaVision Technology

Ready goods with fast delivery. Whether it is a small or big demand, we will try our best to offer exceptional support for hardware, software installation and trouble shooting.


Small Projects

Our VR for business program offer business IDs so users don’t need to use personal social media account to login. Our Hardware Encryption for content solutions highly keep your data secure and private.


Data Secure

Through our highly experienced hardware development process, we can make headsets customized to suit any type of application. Our service also includes OEM and support

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Oem & Odm Service

Provide SDK service and support for

AR&VR developers  and enterprises



Sdk Accessible

With strategic cooperation with BOE, we can offer custom-size micro displays and the world’s cutting-edge optical technology solution and service.


Customized Core Parts Solution

MetaVision Tech is committed to provide

cost-effective and quality

service in time.



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