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The Journey of M30 AR Glasses to a Milestone Order

Today marks a momentous occasion for our team at MetaVisi: the completion of a significant order for our M30 AR glasses with a leading industrial key account. This journey has been one of meticulous adaptation and relentless innovation.

The path was not without its challenges, particularly in ensuring compatibility with various mobile phone models—a time—consuming and intricate process. Yet, it is precisely this dedication to detail that has honed the M30 AR glasses into the pinnacle of precision they represent today.

We owe a debt of gratitude to our valued customers, whose discerning standards have pushed us to exceed boundaries and whose patience has allowed us to fine-tune our technology to perfection. It is their insistence on excellence that has propelled our growth and improvement.

As we wrap up this order, we look forward to bringing the cutting-edge experience of customized AR glasses to more industrial customers worldwide.

The product page of M30 AR glasses:

M30 AR Glasses' Production process inspection photos


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