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AR Glasses – M51


The device applies the split-type design, which integrates the battery, mainboard, and other components into the controller box, reducing the headset's weight to about 60 grams and providing necessary interactive controller and connection ports.


Featuring waveguide technology, LightAR-S is MetaVision’sanother world-class AR headset designed for enterprise customers. The device combines 4G, 5G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity and supports the four global GNSS systems. It can build a reliable and fast-speed connection between the digital and real worlds anytime and anywhere. Equipped with a 4k Camera, Qualcomm XR1, and 60g lightweight, the product is an ideal device for delivering enhanced functionality for hands-free inspection and remote teamwork. 

Connection Anytime and Anywhere

  • The device supports SA and NSA mode, which makes it compatible with the 5G/4G/3G network; moreover, it has BT5.0 and WiFiconnectivity.  

  • It supports the 5 GNSS constellations, including GPS (US), QZSS (Japan), BEIDOU (China), GALILEO (EU), and GLONASS (Russia).  

  • The device enables a significant connection between users, the digital world, and the real world. 

  • Input:the product features a 4K (@60Hz) 8-million-pixel camera that can take 3840 by 2180 videos; As well as it is also equipped with a fill light that enables the users to record clear video even in a dark environment.  

  •  Output:Incorporating the world’s leading waveguide display technology, the device provides 1280 by 720 display resolution and a brightness of 450cd/㎡ , and a FOV up to 34 degrees.

Excellent Input and Output
Other great features
  • Compact design with 60g lightweight

  • Has two adjustable nose pads for fit adjustment

  • Supports direct wearing with myopia glasses

  • It is reserved a space for the installation of additional myopia lenses

  • Has 8100mAm large battery and supports QC3.0 fast charge Supports 3D content

  • Provides 3 DOF (rotational) head-tracking 

  • Has handhold control box

Use Scenarios

Face Recognition for Public Safety & Law Enforcement

The product allows users immediately scan and recognize suspicious individuals and transmit the data to the computing center, which will compare the face information that is recorded in the database. Meanwhile, the base station can command multiple terminals and control the situation. In the same way, the technology can be deployed in License Plate recognition and other customized content recognition.

Maintenance and Repair Assistance in Industrial Inspections

Working over the existing Wi-Fi (or other connectivity), the AR glasses transfer a live video stream from the site wearer to the base station center and enables real-time, two-way audiovisual communication between the on-site workers and the base station experts. And the base station center can share additional assisting information with the site wearers, such as documentation, annotations, visual guidance, and more.

The AR Glasses
The Control Box

Note : The buttons can customize other functions

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