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AR Glasses – M30 & M35


A Chic AR Glass with
4K Large Virtual Screen

The M30 is a chic AR glass with an ultra-large virtual screen compatible with many of your daily use devices. The smart AR device creates a high-quality expanded view, equivalent to watching a 172-inch screen. It delivers a vivid, clear, cinematic-like feeling produced by dual 1920*1080  Micro OLED panels, while stereo speakers bring ultra-rich sound.



You can enjoy a cinema-like 172-inch screen while watching the real world.


The wide viewing angle of 40° (sweet spot angle) and 3D surround speakers that give you an immersive experience.


As the additional glasses cover can be attached and detached, you can switch freely between movie theater mode and see-through AR mode!

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img 35.webp


It is compatible with most of the smart devices you use daily, such as iPhones, Androids, tablets, PCs, and game consoles.


With a weight of only 69 grams, this body is super lightweight, so no matter how long you wear it, it will never burden you.


The product is equipped with 1920 x 1080P resolution, ensuring you enjoy surprisingly detailed images.

Cutting Edge Optical Technology

Birdbath optical technology provides anti-ambient light reflection interference and is designed and manufactured carefully to avoid unwanted light reflections on its glass surface. A patent birdbath optical solution is incorporated into LightAR-C, which increases contrast, brightness uniformity, and pixels per degree.

M30 adopts the cutting-edge micro-OLED display featuring a high-resolution display, wide color gamut, and fast response time, which generates images that appear to be projected onto natural objects, such as floors, walls, etc.


Ultimate viewing experience

Man 2.png
LightAR -C M35
  • FOV 46°

  • Eyebox 12*8mm

  • 1920*1080

Create Your Own Space Anywhere You Go.

It is difficult to install a projector in a small room. However, you can still enjoy a private cinema experience at home or on the go by projecting realistic images with the AR glasses M30, giving you that immersive feeling of a private cinema.

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4K Quality Image & True Color


The M30 adopts dual 1920 x 1080 full HD displays at 55PPD, producing an image with about 2.5 times more pixels than a standard 720P resolution home projector. Moreover, its 24-bit micro-OLED displays ensure vivid, true color images, which is essential for an audio-visual device.

Large Display

172 Inches

It is like watching a 172-inch screen from six meters away when looking at the glass. You can enjoy the images projected by the "projector" even in a small room, just as you would in a large space.

See Through and
Not See Through

If you remove the glasses cover, you can enjoy the image while seeing through the surrounding environment. Furthermore, if you attach the cover to the glasses, the screen's surroundings become dark, and the picture appears to flow out of the screen.

IMG 2.png

Magnetically Attach Your Own Myopia Lenses

It comes with a magnetic solution that makes it easy to attach your myopia or hyperopia lenses. In addition, you can wear the product directly on your glasses.


3D Surround Audio Tech

0815 Speaker Quality Guaranteed

There are two 3D surround speakers built into the temples on either side of the central unit. Moreover, a volume control panel and a brightness control panel on the side can easily be adjusted by sliding it from left to right. Whether you’re watching a movie or a live video, you’ll be able to enjoy a highly immersive experience.

Simply Plug
and Use

No built-in battery, no Operation System, and no complicated settings. The plug-in expansion allows you to mirror video to the AR glass display by simply connecting to your mobile phone.


A One-for-all AR Glass

You can now enjoy watching movies and playing games anywhere with a comfortable posture. The small, portable, and chic AR glasses generate a giant virtual screen and are compatible with most your daily use of smart devices, including IOS, Android, Windows, and even Nintendo Switch. It can be called a one-for-all AR glasses. 

img 41.png

Make Your
Life More Smart

A new era of digital experiences awaits you. Immerse yourself in your favorite movies. Control your house more effortlessly than ever. Explore the world with Maps. Have higher efficiency for your time cost. And so much more.

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