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Use Cases

Virtual Reality For Hospital Visitation: Real Time Connection

In medical care, there are many situations in which family members are prohibited from being in the wards, for example, patients who are critically ill in the ICU, premature infants admitted to the NICU, etc. To prevent external infection, family members are forbidden to accompany the patients in the wards. A physical isolation VR solution for hospital visitation is needed to build close communication and connection between patients and families. 

Featuring in 360-degree panoramic view and 8K image quality, our VR Visitation System can make users feel like they are accompanying the patients, and through our all-in-one VR headset, families can communicate with patients at any time.


A Proven 8k Vr Live Streaming Solution

The arrival of the 5G era will unlock the full potential of 8K virtual reality technology. Equipped with 8K 360 degree camera and live streaming system, our VR live streaming system has already been adopted in several 5G network- based projects and events including hospital visitation, city tours, etc.

IMG 22.png
live 360 vedio.png
4k resolutions.png

Supports Virtual Reality Devices

Enables Live 360° Video

Supports 4k Resolution

8k Ultra High Resolution Capturing

Hospital Adoption Of Virtual Reality Live Streaming

Vr Live Streaming For Care And Communication


 Starting at main reception doctors can choose to navigate the tour using an arrow system for the true ‘walk through’ feel. They can complete an inspection on the seat. 

Vr To Livestream Surgery For Education


Using 360-degree cameras to film surgery operation and allowing viewers “move around” the room as well as zoom out to check details, the VR Livestream Surgery can provide students with an exceptional learning experience.

Vr Live Streaming For Hospital Management


Comparing with traditional hospital visitation methods, VR live streaming video enables families to accompany and communicate with patients at any time, any situation. 

Medical Records


The recording and saving of panoramic videos on the live broadcast platform can provide significant help for the follow-up treatment and improvement of doctor-patient problems to help build a kind bridge for establishing an excellent doctor-patient relationship.

Virtual Reality Livestream System For Hospital Visitation


Datasheet - 8k Live Streaming System

360 VR Video Output Format

SDI at 30fps format options: 2D/3D 360 panoramic RTMP 



H.264/H.265 support 

LAN and Network connection 

Exclusive technical support 


2D/3D Full 360 Degrees: 7680*3840 

Live with Record

8K resolution by default

VR Headset

6DoF all-in-one VR Headset with controller

Stitching Features

Normal/High-Quality Stitching 

2D/3D Mode 

Preferred Distance 

Auto Exposure Compensation 

360° Preview 

Main viewing angle orientation adjustment, including Yaw/Pitch/Roll

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