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Metavisi Station Box for AR Glasses

H30 Station Box (16).png
H30 Station Box (17).png

3DoF Tracking

Experience the revolutionary stability of 3DoF Tracking in our Station Box, where you can anchor a virtual screen in the air that remains perfectly still, unaffected by head movements. Whether you're setting up a virtual workspace in a bustling cafe or watching your favorite show in the comfort of your living room, our Station Kit ensures your content stays precisely where you place it, providing a consistently clear and stable viewing experience in any setting. It’s like you can create your own cinema viewing experience at any place, enhancing every interaction with your personal and portable big screen.

Versatile Spatial Display Modes


The Station Box enhances your visual experience with its versatile spatial display modes, designed for optimal use in various scenarios. The 3DoF tracking mode anchors the screen in a fixed position in space, perfect for users who prefer a stable, stationary display that remains unaffected by head movements—ideal for focused activities or situations where extensive screen interaction isn't necessary. For a more dynamic viewing experience, the "Follow You" mode allows the screen to float seamlessly to wherever you are looking, adapting fluidly to your movements, making it suitable for active use or multitasking. Moreover, the Station Box features adjustable screen size and positioning, allowing for extensive customization to suit individual preferences. Designed with enterprise customers in mind, we provide tailored solutions and comprehensive SDK support, ensuring seamless integration and maximized utility in any professional setting.

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H30 Station Box (21).png

Wireless Connection


Unlock effortless streaming and content sharing in your daily life with the Station Box’s comprehensive wireless casting capabilities. Supporting AirPlay, Miracast, and DLNA, this device seamlessly integrates into your daily life environment, allowing you to mirror videos, photos, and presentations from your smartphones, tablets, or computers onto a larger display.

H30 Station Box (23).png

High-Quality AR Anywhere with the Metavisi Station Box

The Station Box solution could greatly improve the experience with AR glasses, such as enhancing mobile phone compatibility and addressing the connection quality and latency issues prevalent across various smartphone models.

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MR Glasses

Station Box


AR Glasses
  • Gen 1 for Industrial Use
  • Gen 2 for Consumer Use (Economical Solution)

For more details and full specifications, please contact us.

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