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Introducing Pancake VR: The latest in VR Optics that will change how we experience the VR world

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

As VR continues to make headway, one area that is about to see massive improvement is the visuals themselves. Metavision launched its new Pancake VR optomechanical module, Quantum. This will help resolve numerous issues plaguing the VR world regarding visuals, which are essentially related to a lack of resolution and clarity, where the graphics and images weren't rendered enough or visually appealing. It will easily compete, if not surpass what Apple AR is meant to do, in all the best ways possible.

How Metavision approached this

The key is proper engineering, along with advanced manufacturing and construction techniques. You're getting display panels at 2.48 inches, each with a resolution of 1800 x1920 pixels and a refresh rate of 90Hz. That's already ahead of many displays, and for them to be able to come at such a small size means you won't have any pixel degradation down the line.

It also means that the overall pixel per degree or PPD is at a whopping 22, which means it's ahead of nearly the entire market. The module incorporates BOE's semiconductor technology of COG (chip-on-glass) backlight technology.

It doesn't stop there, but Metavision also included a mini LED backlight that helps with a refreshingly high contrast ratio of 1 million to 1 while also having options for dimming to achieve the right changes of contrast and light that we can experience in VR.

That mini-LED is actually 40 times smaller than traditional LEDs and truly pushes the existing limits of what is possible to produce physically. We're looking at deep blacks with some of the highest brightness settings at these contrast ratios.

The color you can get behind with unprecedented immersion

With continued feats of engineering, we find ourselves able to get colors in VR the same as in the real world, and why shouldn't they be?

Quantum Dot Enhancement Film brings 1 billion colors to our eyes, which we hope is enough to go beyond photo-realistic imagery. Previous devices were working with RGB-based models, whereas the Pancake model uses what is known as DCI-P3, which means a 30% overall improvement over traditional display types.

Colors mean something with the right type of tech to bring out that complete immersion. Our optics have a folded design that enables light to be reflected back and forth. This helps keep the equipment as small and thin as possible.

Not only does it help us feel as if we're in the VR world, but we've also gone even further and have eye tracking that helps to adjust the light settings in the VR world. This makes it feel as if we're there.

As sharp as an image can get

With such excellent resolutions, color options, and contrast levels, the level of detail is akin to what the human eye can naturally see. We measure sharpness to confirm this via Modulation Transfer Function or MTF. When we run our Quantum tech with these testing methods, we're at a 90% performance rate when it comes to contrast, again topping out compared to the rest of the market.

In the end

Metavision will continue to produce quality new products, such as what Pancake represents and the Pancake VR glasses that already use the best VR options. Whereas others are entering the industry, such as Apple AR, or have already been in the industry for a while, such as the Quest Pro, our Pancake VR is still one of the most advanced options that's available on the market.


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