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The Best VR Headsets for Business

VR has started life as a gaming device, but its benefits have been transferred into many aspects of life, especially in the business sphere. In a decade, perhaps less, mixed reality devices may take the place of everyday smartphones. The use of VR is limited only by our own imaginations.

VR still has a long way to go before it reaches its peak. However, while an alive market means prices go down and new devices get released. In this article, we’ll take the time to outline the pros and cons of some of the most distinctive VR devices in the business field, Oculus Quest 2, Pico G2 4K (Enterprise) & Pico NEO 3 PRO, as well as Particle (the next-gen VR headset), from business users’ point of view.

Two types of VR headsets

3DoF head-tracking means you can only track rotational movements.

6DoF head-tracking means you can track both position and rotation.

In 3DoF headsets, you need to use the controller to move in a 3D simulation environment, not your physical motion. 3DoF devices are more suited for static environments where users mainly observe 3D contents, such as history classrooms, VR tours, etc.

A 6DoF device is more appropriate for motion scenarios such as surgical training or games where users need to physically move through the virtual environment and interact with the environment.

The best VR headsets for business

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2, a standalone 6DOF VR device, is the most versatile VR headset on the market.

Though there are still some spaces for improvement for Oculus VR devices, its hand tracking feature on the Oculus, we can say, is the industrial benchmark technology. For some applications that require monitoring of gestures, such as Surgical Training, Quest 2 is the best product. Though Oculus Quest 2 appears cheaper for the consumer market, it can be more expensive for business use. The price of the enterprise version is USD799 (256G) with a USD180 yearly subscription fee that goes into effect in year 2 (per device).

Oculus has a big team to support its large number of developers; thus, its SDK is well supported and provides lots of updates for the development environment. Oculus Quest 2 is the best standalone VR device for business regardless of price and customized requirements.

P.S. Meta ends Oculus for Business sales. Quest For Business to offer business accounts on consumer headsets in 2023.


· The best performance in hand tracking

· Easy to use device management system

· The Oculus SDK is well supported

· The most well-fledged platform


· The platform requires a Facebook account to use

· The overall cost per device is a little bit high

· The device is a little bit bulky and is not for a long period of wear (enterprise use)

· Limits on system settings and customized requirements

PICO NEO3 & PICO G2 4K Enterprise

PICO NEO 3 PRO is a 6DoF all-in-one VR headset produced exclusively for businesses featuring a superb image and excellent performance controller. Evaluating a comprehensive set of the platform, 6DOF technology, commercial support, and price, the device is the most outstanding. But 620g weight is challenging to wear for a long time.

PICO G2 4K Enterprise is a 3DOF standalone VR headset for commercial use. PICO G2 model is probably the most sold standalone VR headset device for business due to its earlier launch, price, and friendly environment for software developers. It is 3DOF technology, but it is best suited for static environments where users mainly observe, such as K12 education.


· Eye-tracking model available

· Easy to understand and implement apps

· Greatly support kiosk modes

· Good documentation for developers

· The catalog includes both well-performance 3DoF and 6DoF products


· Bulky design device

· The motion tracking technology is behind Oculus Quest 2

· Limits on in-depth customized requirements


Particle is the world’s first pancake optical all-in-one VR headset featuring 250g weight and 30mm thickness and is one of the chicest design VR helmets on the market. Furthermore, it is the only VR headset that supports myopia adjustment (up to 800 degrees) in the market. The device is powered by Qualcomm XR 1 and BOE’s 2.1inch fast LCD, the most stable solutions for VR hardware.

It seems that in terms of overall hardware performance, Particle is a rising star. Limited by its 3DOF technology, the device is outstanding in observing scenarios but has a shortage in physical motion scenarios.

The platform intends to provide the most in-depth customized service, such as a personalized launcher or even support open-source code. With the Particle device and its extraordinary support for enterprises, you can become the next famous VR brand in your niche.


· The most innovative 3DOF VR device

· The company is willing to provide in-depth customized solutions

· OEM/ODM available


· 3DOF technology (The company said it will launch the 6DOF device at the beginning of 2023)

· Lesser-known brand

Which one is the best VR headset for business? It depends on where to use it and the purpose of the device. Oculus’ focus has very much been on gaming. If you are a developer, you will probably consider Pico due to its great commercial support and friendly documentation environment. If you are a businessman, nurturing your brand is always a priority; then the Particle can offer many flexible solutions.


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