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BOE Launches G6 Line Ground Breaking Event, Accelerating the Metaverse Layout

BOE (Beijing Oriental Electronics) held the ground breaking event for its G6 semi-display production line in Beijing. This new line is designed specifically for LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) technology, the future dominant display technology in VR/AR devices.

BOE has invested $4.25 billion in G6 to strengthen its leading position in LTPO development. The expected mass production will be in 2025 when BOE builds a competitive advantage in LTPO production in China.

LTPO consolidates the LTPS (low-temperature polycrystalline silicon) technology with oxides, upgrading device characteristics:

  • Higher pixel density with limited cost increases.

  • Energy saving from the application of oxide materials.

  • Narrow borders of high electron mobility.

Under the same specification, BOE's LTPO products expect a 30% longer battery life, which has become an important trend in smart terminal products, bringing users an immersive visual experience.

As a global semi-display giant, BOE has kept fierce innovation initiatives since its inception. BOE has already launched several products and display solutions to expedite the hardware development of Metaverse, such as:

  • 1500 ppi Ultra-High Definition VR: reduce the screen-door effect vastly at a close-eye distance.

  • Dynamic VR: freely switch the display frame rate from 90Hz to 120Hz.

  • 0.5" FREEFORM AR: applied 4032 ppi, 100000:1 contrast ratio, and image recognition camera technologies, allowing 360° rotation display of 3D models.

These solutions can apply in scenarios such as education, museum, exhibition, entertainment, etc.

“BOE celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2023. The last 30 years have witnessed the transformation of BOE from a follower to an innovation-driven leader in the industry,” said Yanshun Chen, Chairman of BOE.

Therefore, the launch of G6 aligns with BOE’s empowering IoT with display strategy, exhibiting the achievement of BOE’s dedication to LTPO innovation and demonstrating BOE’s outstanding production capacity. In the context of Metaverse, G6 production line is the last piece of BOE’s Metaverse puzzle. We could expect BOE to be fully ready for the upcoming explosion of Metaverse market.



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