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Portable Personal Imax - M1 Pro

M1 PRO provides a 1000inch VR screen, the world’s largest-size virtual screen produced by VR glasses. Featuring an 8000mAh battery, excellent compatibility with all content devices from daily use phones to Nintendo Switch, a lightweight of 117g, ultrathin and chic design, it is the most outstanding virtual screen glasses in the world. Moreover, the device has an attractive price.

Ensures a mature and cost-effective solution. 

The solution of its first version was launched in 2016; after years of improvement in cost, reliability, and features, we are now very confident in introducing the product

to the consumer market.

High Definition 2D&3D Display 

Has 3K & 1060PPI high-definition display. Supports 2D & 3D content. Supports 4K@60HZ video output.

Ultra-Large-Size Virtual Screen

Provides a 1000inch virtual screen viewed from 66’/20meters away.

Ultrathin and lightweight

Approx. 110g weight with a similar thickness to regular glasses.

Ultrathin and lightweight

The device supports all the main operating systems, including Android, IOS, and Windows which means it can be connected to all kinds of your daily use devices like smartphones, laptops, computers, etc.

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Working With Us

sdk accessible.png

Oem & Odm Service

Through our highly experienced hardware development process, we can make headsets customized to suit any type of application. Our service also includes OEM and support

Data Secure

Our VR for business program offer business IDs so users don’t need to use personal social media account to login. Our Hardware Encryption for content solutions highly keep your data secure and private.

Small Projects

Ready goods with fast delivery. Whether it is a small or big demand, we will try our best to offer exceptional support for hardware, software installation, and trouble shooting.

Customized Core Parts Solution

With the strategic cooperation withBOE, we can offer custom-size micro

display and the world’s cutting edgeoptical technology solution and service.

Sdk Accessible

Provide SDK service and support for AR&VR developers  and enterprises application.


MetaVision Tech is committed to provide cost-effective and quality service in time.


Featuring waveguide technology, LightAR-S is MetaVision’sanother world-class AR headset designed for enterprise customers. The device combines 4G, 5G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity and supports the four global GNSS systems. It can build a reliable and fast-speed connection between the digital and real worlds anytime and anywhere. Equipped with a 4k Camera, Qualcomm XR1, and 60g lightweight, the product is an ideal device for delivering enhanced functionality for hands-free inspection and remote teamwork. 

Connection Anytime and Anywhere

  • The device supports SA and NSA mode, which makes it compatible with the 5G/4G/3G network; moreover, it has BT5.0 and WiFiconnectivity.  

  • It supports the 5 GNSS constellations, including GPS (US), QZSS (Japan), BEIDOU (China), GALILEO (EU), and GLONASS (Russia).  

  • The device enables a significant connection between users, the digital world, and the real world. 

Excellent Input and Output

  • Input:the product features a 4K (@60Hz) 8-million-pixel camera that can take 3840 by 2180 videos; As well as it is also equipped with a fill light that enables the users to record clear video even in a dark environment.  

  •  Output:Incorporating the world’s leading waveguide display technology, the device provides 1280 by 720 display resolution and a brightness of 450cd/㎡ , and a FOV up to 67.7degrees.


Built For Enterprises

Utilizing our expertise, relationship, and resources to provide outstanding products and services to make AR&VR more accessible for enterprises. 

Comfort, Durability, and Style Combined

Designed with professionals in mind, the M6 AR Glass prioritizes comfort, durability, and style. Its sleek and ergonomic design ensures extended wear without discomfort, while the lightweight construction guarantees effortless mobility. The glasses' compatibility with prescription lenses accommodates individual needs, enabling users to work comfortably while enjoying all the benefits of augmented reality.

Secure and Reliable Connectivity

The M6 AR Glass supports dual-band Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity, providing fast and reliable data transfer. Stay connected and collaborate seamlessly in the office, on the field, or across multiple locations. With Bluetooth 5.1, data sharing and device connectivity are effortless, ensuring a smooth workflow and hassle-free integration with other devices.


Secure and Reliable Connectivity  Unlock the Power of Professional Augmented Reality

The M6 AR Glass is more than just a device—it's a game-changer for professionals seeking to push the boundaries of innovation and productivity. From industrial remote assistance to immersive guided tours, its advanced features, powerful performance, and intuitive interactions empower professionals to work smarter, collaborate seamlessly, and deliver exceptional experiences.



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