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XR Optics - UltraSlim Optical System


Ultraslim Optical System

Redefining VR Optics

Step into the future with our groundbreaking ultra-thin and wide viewing angle Si-OLED binocular optical system, redefining the possibilities of VR technology. Experience a major breakthrough in extreme thinness, boasting a remarkable optical length of just 14mm, nearly 50% slimmer than competitors, and an optical volume of 22cc, a staggering 40% reduction. Equipped with a 1.3-inch 4k4K*2 display modules and a light and thin Pancake optical solution, this cutting-edge optomechanical marvel frees up space within the VR device while reducing weight, paving the way for an unparalleled level of visual effects and wearing comfort, promising users an exhilarating and immersive brand new experience.


Color Gamut: 90% DCI-P3 color gamut, producing lifelike, accurate colors that enhance immersion.

Field of View: Expansive 90-degree FOV, captivating peripheral vision for a truly immersive experience.

Brightness: Impressive 2000 nits brightness, ensuring clear visuals even in the brightest environments.

Pancake Technology: Innovative "Pancake" optical system design compresses components into a slim form factor, achieving a remarkable Optical System Volume of 22cc and length of <14mm.

Micro OLED Display: 1.3-inch Micro OLED displays with an astonishing resolution of 3552*3840 pixels per display (4K4K combined) and a pixel density of 4023 PPI, delivering crystal-clear visuals.

Future-Ready: Sets new standards for the VR industry, embracing advanced technologies for the future of immersive experiences.

Refresh Rate: Smooth and fluid motion with a 90Hz refresh rate, reducing motion sickness and increasing presence in the virtual world.

Contrast Ratio: >100,000:1 contrast ratio, ensuring rich blacks and vibrant whites for an unparalleled visual experience.

Professional Applications: Ideal for gaming, entertainment, virtual collaboration, training, and other professional use-cases.


The world’s first 1.3” 4K4K 2000nits Si-OLED Display

Metavision technology, an advanced maker in near-to-eye optical system technology, proudly presents BOE’s revolutionary 4K MicroOLED Display- the world’s first 1.3-inch Si-OLED marvel with 4K4K resolution and an astonishing 2000nits brightness. Immerse yourself in a new dimension of visual brilliance as we unlock the limitless possibilities of Si-OLED technology.

Product Image 2.png


At the forefront of display innovation, the 1.3" Si-OLED display incorporates revolutionary Si-OLED technology and Tandem Structure to redefine visual excellence. Si-OLED's self-illuminating brilliance eliminates the need for a backlight, delivering true blacks and enhanced contrast for an unparalleled viewing experience. By optimizing power consumption, the Si-OLED display ensures efficient energy usage, extending device battery life for prolonged brilliance.


Complementing this advanced technology, Tandem Structure enables pixel-perfect control, granting individual pixel optimization that brings unmatched color accuracy and reduces image distortion. The result is a remarkably thin and lightweight display module, empowering sleek and immersive designs that captivate the senses and elevate your visual creations to new heights.


Step into a world of unmatched clarity and detail. Our 1.3" Si-OLED display boasts an astounding 4K*4K resolution, delivering images and videos with breathtaking precision. Every detail is brought to life, from minute textures to vibrant colors, empowering you to experience content like never before.


Embrace the brilliance of daylight. With an incredible brightness of 2000nits, our MicroOLED display defies the brightest environments, ensuring stunning visuals remain clear and captivating, even under the sun. Prepare to be enthralled by a display that shines as brightly as your vision.



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