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MetaVision Technology

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Dedicated to Enterprise Excellence

At MetaVision Technology, we specialize in crafting advanced AR and VR solutions tailored to meet the robust needs of enterprise-level clientele. Leveraging deep industry expertise, strategic relationships, and comprehensive resources, we're committed to enhancing the accessibility and impact of immersive technologies in the corporate sphere.

Metavision: Leading the Revolution in Advanced Near-to-Eye Optical Solutions.

United in purpose, the collective expertise and skills of our team have established Metavision as a leading figure in the realm of Pancake Optical Solutions, celebrated for their lightness, thinness, and high-definition quality. Our engineers have been at the forefront of innovation, unveiling remarkable products such as the trailblazing M1 VR glasses (2016) and the game-changing Smart VR Sleeper (2020), both showcasing the pioneering Pancake Optical Technology. Our unwavering focus in this niche has led to the introduction of the world’s first Pancake All-in-One VR Headset Particle in 2022.

As we navigate towards our future goals, the depth of our investment reflects a steadfast dedication to the AR industry. Our product range encapsulates advanced technologies including Waveguide Optics (M51), Birdbath Optics (M30, M35, and M53), and Prism Optics (M6).

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Particle VR Headset featuring Pancake Optics
8K VR headset designed for immersive virtual reality experiences
6DOF Pancake VR Headset
Pancake Optical System

Premium Quality Solutions Service And Support

MetaVision Technology has developed a close partnership with a number of industry leaders, such as BOE, CVTE, Hisense, etc., to provide state-of-the-art products, software services, and custom-fit solutions.

With our practical hardware and software development experience and deep understanding of the root, MetaVision Technology serves our clients as a technical consultant, development partner, and supplier, helping our customers have cutting-edge AR/VR products while ensuring cost and time savings.

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Working With Us

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Oem & Odm Service

Through our highly experienced hardware development process, we can make headsets customized to suit any type of application. Our service also includes OEM and support


Customized Core Parts Solution

With strategic cooperation with BOE, we can offer custom-size micro

display and the world’s cutting-edge optical technology solutions and services.


Data Secure

Our VR for the business program offers business IDs, so users don’t need to use a personal social media account to log in. Our Hardware Encryption for content solutions highly keeps your data secure and private.



MetaVision Tech is committed to providing cost-effective and quality service in time.


Small Projects

Ready goods with fast delivery. Whether it is a small or big demand, we will try our best to offer exceptional support for hardware, software installation, and troubleshooting.


Sdk Accessible

Provide SDK service and support for AR&VR developers  and enterprises application.

Our Recent Blogs

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