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M6 AR Glass

A professional industrial AR glasses featuring 6DoF tracking, gesture recognition, and AI capabilities

M51 AR Glass

An ultra-lightweight AR glasses featuring 3D content, TeamViewer, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet

M51 AR Glass.png
M30 AR Glasss.png

M30 AR Glass

The best AR glasses for audio-visual experience for its price range

M53 MR Glasses

The best MR glasses for museum exhibition featuring MicroOLED, 6DoF and  Android 12

M53 MR Glass.png
Particle VR Headset.png

Particle VR Headset

The world's first and only Pancake 3DOF all-in-one VR headset

8K Portable VR Headset

The world's first 8K Portable VR headset. UltraHD. UltraSlim. Low Power Consumption.

8K Portable VR Headsets.png
UltraSlim Optical System.png

UltraSlim Optical System

An advanced optical system for VR devices featuring  MicroLED, Si-OLED, Pancake Optic, Tendam, and 8K*4K

Pancake Optical System

A professional grade Pancake optomechanical module featuring local dimming

Pancake Optical System.png
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